Lure Modifications

During the winter months when the majority of the lakes are frozen over and inhabited with numerous flocks of Canadian Geese is the perfect time to organize, make additions, and dispose of the clutter of lures from the following season.  I find this time of the year the perfect opportunity to do a little experimentation with different lure modifications.

Modifications to new and used lures can come in multiple forms and typically can be attributed to the five natural senses.

1) Look –

2) Feel –

3) Taste –

4) Noise –

5) Smell –

The five senses we use to understand our environment can be applied to the concepts of lure modification.

Categories may be broken down into subcategories based on the reasoning behind these changes.

1) Fix a manufacturing defect

2) Adjusting presentation for a
particular situation

3) Replace and/or Update old lure
parts and pieces

Determining the appropriate changes which could prove beneficial can become a difficult task for many fishermen – the wrong physical change or color variation can leave a lure inadequate for any particular situation.   Understanding the original flow and use of a particular lure is the best starting point when it comes to modifications being made.  Lure color charts which account for water clarity, color, and barometric pressure may prove helpful but shouldn’t consume an angler’s time when figuring out (see diagrams below).

No matter what anglers can expect many hours of modification experimentation and constant tweaking of particular sections of each lure. Nearly every situation anglers may encounter could bring about new opportunities to modify lures which previously were viewed as perfection. Keep trying hard and maybe with some excellent marketing your ‘nearly’ perfected lure could be monetary rewarding.

Spinning Bait Lure

Water and Color Fishing


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