That Time of the Year

Spring has arrived and here in the Shenandoah Valley this time of the year means hard hitting bass, hideous tan lines, fishing tackle headaches, and about 4 months worth of extra hibernation body weight.  The vast majority of us have all but abandoned our New Year’s Resolutions by this time every year.  However,  Spring-time is often seen as the season of change and there couldn’t be any greater example then with the shift and changes made by largemouth bass.


I view acronyms as an important memory mechanism. This time of the year it’s important to refresh the mental aspects of largemouth bass fishing and I find the following acronym helpful.


Shallows – This is the most important geographical location during the Spring. This doesn’t mean that every fish will be a lunker or even located in this area but should be seen as the area that largemouth seek to find.

Precipitation – This is the most overlooked factor that many fisherman fail to account for with regard to water temperature factors.  Depending on the amount and temperature of a Spring’s rain it can have substantial affects on the water temperature and clarity of a specific body of water.  This can delay spawn or temporally push the bass further away from the shore and in deeper waters (Largemouth Bass typically began the spawning process once water temperature reaches 60 degrees Fahrenheit).

Record – One of the most important steps in discovering historical patterns in your fishing success and failures is the creation of a fishing journal (ABT Lures have an article worth the read).  Personally, I use an application available through the Google Play Store called – My Fishing Journal Widget.

Ichthyology – The branch of zoology which focuses exclusively on species of fish.

Newbies – Spring brings a diversity of fishing opportunities that present newcomers to angling with greater chances of success  and reduced cost of equipment needed to hit specific fishing locations (Spring is the best chance for on-shore anglers to land a big fat female without having to rent or own a boat).

Gradual – Largemouth bass during the Spring-time will gradually move into the shallows for their yearly spawning festivities.  This migration’s timing has numerous factors that anglers must comprehend to increase the chances of a successful outing.

This acronym example is meant to get your brain up and working for the Spring Largemouth Madness. The abundance of different terminology that could fit into this acronym could overwhelm any angler but these terms I hope will provide you with a Spring-time refresher.


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