DIY: Spinning Bait Lure Kits

DIY: Spinning Bait Lure Kits (via Mudhole Custom Tackle Company)

I ordered a spinning bait lure kit through Mudhole Custom Tackle Company’s website to experiment in basic lure making.

The kit comes with:

  • 16 assorted color skirts (Purchased a secondary skirt kit to compliment this project from Mudhole)
  • 10 ready-to-paint Ultra Spinner Bait heads
  • 24 stick-on eyes
  • 12 Willow Leaf blades
  • 12 Colorado blades
  • 12 snap swivels & clevices
  • 48 beads
  • 6 assorted paints (enough to paint 120 spinners)
  • brushes
  • instructional DVD
  • reusable tackle organizer
Finished Spinning Bait Lures from
Finished Spinning Bait Lures from

Results and Discussion:

The kit provided an opportunity for an introduction into the realm of largemouth bass lure making which has been a fascination (more of a curiosity) of mine for years.     It wasn’t my first time doing similar types of projects but was the first time painting and creating spinner baits from pre-molded lures.


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